Monday, September 6, 2010

The hot's for summer is cooling fast

Write? bake? both. Add caption
Those last sweltering days of August that baked my garden dry, had me longing for a cool dip in the pool at Forrest Village, or frosty Margarita or both. Then fall cooly drops in the first week of September and the cookbooks are hauled out. Time to put on a crock pot of soup, stew or spaghetti sauce. 

Baking a cheese cake is time consuming but worth it when the weather cools and appetites for all things delicious increases. So is the compulsion to clean, can or stock up on supplies. 

Instinct rules the writer too. The calender page turns and so does the impetus to work. Time to get down to business even if you're a writer whose been beavering away all summer. 

Perhaps it's just the years of schooling kicking in like a familiar habit that drops off when the temperature climbs.  Inspiration pours out onto the blank screen almost effortlessly. 

Are the words steller? will they win any prizes? perhaps not, let them come anyway. Write because it's the season for gathering chestnuts, those that drop from the tree and those that are harvested from a hundred lazy summer days and nights reading books; swimming laps under the stars or listening to the buzzing of the feilds alive with the serenade of cicadas.

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