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In addition to my own personal writing, I run creative writing workshops.

West Island Women's Center Classes begin January 21, 2011 Friday mornings 9:30-11:30 Workshops run for 10 weeks. Call  (514) 695-8529 to register.

Dollard des Ormeaux Library: Tuesday February 1, 2011.  This is a 13 week workshop. Afternoon sessions: 1:30-3:30; evenings 7-9.  To register contact Mélisa Tullio at 514-684-1496 ext.410

Whether you have a project in progress or you find your self staring at the blank page banging your head against writer's block hoping the words will fall out, this workshop can help you unleash your voice; break bonds; free your genius; conquer worlds or create them all through the magic of writing. Come and play.

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So you think you want to write? well, why not. Take the first step. Put one word on a page. Leave it. Come back. Look. Then, just for fun, write.

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