Monday, February 22, 2010

Of Bloggers and things

I set up a blog last week only to realize I already had a blog out there in cyber space. The inaugual blog is titled TRUDYKPLACE. For no other reason than that’s what popped into my head when I came to the question part on the fool proof, Get Blogging site at Google Blogger. Com, asking, what do you call your blog?

Why am doing this? I thought that as a computer owning, cyber space prowling writer that I should join the 21 centuries Guttenberg revolution and put my opinions, ideas and poetry out there; for the masses. I would thus join in with my compatriots of computed thoughts in a kind of global discussion about anything that struck my fancy.

How wonderful for me. I’m a writer and a blogger. However what it looks like folks is a lot of hot air blown into the web soon to be forgotten not only for those who stumble upon it but for the ubiquitous author who created it.

Just as that old cliché goes; no good deads go unpunished; I thought I’d begin my journy as an electronic columnist by creating a place where I could sit down at the computer; write and perhaps share it with a few readers. I could pass on to the world at large my news and views and get the daily due dillagence of writing off to a productive start. After all wrtiers write; right?

Well, this week past happened to be spring break. I had a whole week to edit my novel or paint the house. Instead my good friend encouraged me to start a blog. “It’s actually the bones of a website. You don’t realy need to know how to build a website to blog and it actully looks like a web page. You’d have a forum for your work.” She was convincing.

I thought about the shelf full of yet unpublished stories and essays that would some how transpose themselves into a book deal once some hungry editor saw my stories gleaming like the holy grail in the eather net. I had visions of JK Rowling like success with literary repartee between me and Oprah, dancing in my head.

So I went to and followed all the steps to create Freelancer’s Ink. That’s the clever name of my company on my business cards. I’m an editor and have business cards to prove it.

Imaging my surprise when Trudykplace popped up alongside my new blog like an abandoned car. Other than the title, it was a blank page in cyber space waiting for content. Oy. I remember creating this blog last year where it’s been languishing for lack of any content whatsoever much less my latest insight on surviving winter’s ninth storm. (stay in the kitchen and bake untill you run out of ingrediants or electicity until the storm ends. Invite friends over to sample your wares and trade snow storm stories)

Now I have two orphan vehichles to fill with content. I’m bogged down by may own bloggs.

To add to my delima, my good friend sent me a link to a vetran blogger who decided to write an essay titled; The 10 Reasons Bloggers Don’t Succeed. I thanked her for the vote of confidence. At least now with this essay, I can add yet another vaccuos personal experience to the cyberworld. I wonder if all this electronic hot air is contributing somehow to global warming. HMM that sounds like a conspiracy theory emerging. Perhaps I should create a blog on that. I could call it Crazy stupid and foolish conclusions I have come to. See you on the net.

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